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Did you know?

  • More people are complaining than used to be the case - especially older people, of which two-thirds of people over 50 apparently complain very often if dissatisfied about a product or service.
  • Having a complaint resolved apparently causes most customers to recommend the supplier to friends.
  • 80% of customers tell someone if their complaint is not handled well.
  • Only 25% of staff feel qualified to deal with complaints.
  • Only 33% of customer-facing staff have received specific training in dealing with angry customers.

Never more than before has Customer Services been so important for any company, big or small and with some effective training the cost difference and relative impacts on organizations between gaining and retaining customers can be staggering.


A useful analogy is that only a fool tries to fill a bucket of water when the bucket has lots of holes.


Better to fix the holes and stop the leaks before you try to fill the bucket.


Especially consider the actual cost of retaining customers when all that many customers require is not to be upset....Sounds simple I know but we have all experienced a rude member of bar staff, hotel staff or shop staff to name but a few. How many times have you walked away saying that you will never return or recommend the venue and have stuck to your word? DO NOT let this happen to your company.


Remember, improving customer service especially empowering and listening to customer service staff offers many organizations a bigger return on investment than any other initiative.

Customer service is generally the critical factor in determining whether a customer buys and is retained, which is ultimately what the organization exists to do - to serve and retain customers.


Let Exemplo Training Solutions pass on our years of Civil Service Customer Service experience to your company with a bespoke course at the location of your choice.



 Should you wish to organise our Customer Service Package as a bespoke training course for your organisation, please contact us today for a tailored quotation or call us on 07828993494. We are confident that we can offer and supply the Exact Training for your needs. 

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