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Challenging Extremism and Radicalisation 1 Day Course


This new and exciting course is run by trainers who were responsible for teaching new and established Prison Officers all about Extremism and Radicalisation so you know that we know what we’re talking about. Who better to give your staff an understanding and awareness of this topic.


Challenging all forms of extremism is increasingly important in a society where we are living in growing diverse communities – local tensions can develop quickly and vulnerable individuals may become radicalised and potentially become involved in violent extremist acts.


Although the most significant terrorist threat to the UK is currently from Al Qa’ida, there are many other Extremist organisations and it’s important that we can recognise the signs of possible Extremism and Radicalisation within our community.




The aim of this course is to increase your knowledge and understanding of issues relating to extremism and violent extremism.


Learning Outcomes


The course looks in detail at;

Extremist Organisations and their history

Why people become extremists and undertake extremist acts

How factors in society can affect the onset of extremism

How prejudice, discrimination and hatred affects groups within society

How to spot signs of Extremism and Radicalisation

Reporting signs of Extremism and Radicalisation


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