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Lone Worker Training


Does your company require legal Lone Worker compliance?


We offer a one day bespoke workshop for those that work alone either on or off-site

This valuable and interactive course is designed for those working alone or in a vulnerable situation where personal safety is paramount. We will with tried and trusted methods develop the skills either you or your staff will require to manage and assess risk, defuse and resolve incidents and disengage from high risk encounters.


There have been a staggering 1,200 incidents reported by 184 councils (in England and Wales) over the last 3 years; 796 of those incidents concerning physical assaults on staff. Housing association employees, particularly those who work alone, and in sometimes unpredictable situations, demand robust personal safety systems and on the job training solutions.


Under Health and Safety legislation, employers have a duty to provide training to enable their employees to take their safety seriously and not just tolerate violence and aggression as an acceptable ‘part of the job’.


The first-ever conviction secured under the 2007 Corporate Homicide/Corporate Manslaughter Act was in a case where a lone worker was killed and the company he was working for was held to be responsible for failing to protect him.


The CPS suggested that the company's "systems had failed to take all reasonably practicable steps to protect him" and the jury found that:



  1. -the company's system of work was wholly and unnecessarily dangerous
  2. -the company ignored well-recognised sector guidance about the dangerous situation he was working in


"The Corporate Manslaughter Act enables prosecutors to go after senior managers straight up the management chain"

Craig McAdam, solicitor in the business crime and regulation team at law firm Russell Jones & Walker

What you will learn:


Your one day course will include modules covering:

Recognising, Assessing and Managing Risk

Potential weapon recognition.

Entry and Exit from potentially dangerous enviroments.

Street and Car Park awareness

Role play of some common scenarios which will be bespoke to your requirements

A basic understanding of the physiological and emotional aspects of aggression

Empowering and confidence building defusing and de-escalating strategies as well as personal safety and disengagement skills

An understanding of the legal framework for self defence 

Target Group: The course is aimed at all staff engaged in employment activity where all or part of their work is unaccompanied, either on or off the organisations premises, such as:

Social Services.
Housing Officers.
Scheme Managers.
Hotel Staff.
Theatre "Front of House" Staff.
Homecare Teams.
Benefits Officers.
Emergency Teams.
Environmental Health Officers.
Traffic Wardens.
Estate and Letting Agents.
Community Workers.

Customer Service Representatives
Health Care Visitors.

Should you wish to organise our Lone Worker Training as a bespoke training course for your organisation, please contact us today for a tailored quotation or call us on 07828993494. We are confident that we can offer and supply the best lone worker training for your needs

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